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BGP member replacement

I am not BGP experienced user and looking for advise.
I need to replace Checkpoint GW device that have a working BGP configuration by new appliance.

The only BGP peer existing on this GW is some external Router at the Provider side.
The external IF connected to ISP Router is eth1: IP = X.Y.Z.1/30 ;  BGP peer configured respectively as IP = X.Y.Z.2/30 with it's AS number, say = 4100  for example.
The Mgmt IF on the existing GW is: IP= ; and the same address defined as Router ID ( for BGP.

On the new GW the external IF connected to ISP remains same - eth1: IP = X.Y.Z.1/30 ,
and all other interfaces configured same but the Mgmt IF will be different for some reason - it will be

And my question is: May I set the Router ID on the new GW as it was on the old one - - for the smooth and quick replacement?




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BGP session will likely be torn down when you disconnect cables, ARP timeout on remote side might be a factor.

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