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BGP Multihop ignoring next hop

In the advanced router admin guide (Gaia Advanced Routing R80.10 Administration Guide) on BGP Multhop:

When traffic comes from a router that is not directly connected and multihop is enabled, BGP uses that router as the next hop, irrespective of the advertised routes that it gets.

There are certain situation where this behaviour is undesirable. 

In routers one can set next hop via route maps in one location. Routed not honouring the next hop settings are creating a mess in the routing tables.

The above should be a configurable setting, not a Check Point design choice. Now I have to create 10 times the configuration on each VS, on all routers etc. 

I suggest this ether to be part of the route maps, for instance a match on next hop or a setting on bgp external peer.

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Did you try following on CP GW:

CLISH> set routemap imp-from-bgp id 10 action nexthop ip
Configures the IPv4 next hop address for routes that match
this Route Map ID.

Value: the IPv4 address of the next hop gateway

This action only applies when importing BGP routes from, or exporting
BGP routes to another router. When operating as a route reflector, the
next hop is not changed for any route learned from iBGP when the route
is being exported to an internal BGP peer.

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This does not appear to work for routes learned via a multi hop peer. Can you confirm this is supported or not.


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