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Appliances 5900 R80.10 and bonding interfaces limited throughput

Hi guys,

I have a clusterxl with two appliances 5900 and Gaia OS R80.10.

Network is configured with 2 bond interfaces 802.3ad layer 3+4, each bond has 4 ethernet aggregated, each bond has more vlan interfaces configured, about 10 in internal bond and 3 on external bond. All ethernet interfaces are connected to cisco switch with LACP configured, 2 groups.

No QoS is configured, no IPS is configured only security policies with about 50 rules.

My test is simple I trying to transfer data beetween vlan on internal bond and my speed is about 3Gbps and somethings more, the same test on external bond I got 3Gbps.

When I trying to transfer data beetween vlan on internal bond and vlan on external bond, I reach the limit of ethernet interface 1Gbps. Why?

In my test I have used different source address and destination address so also TCP ports all different

While my test is executing I can see in cpview the throughput on each interfaces, I can see the traffic is balanced beetween they but the sum don't go over 1Gpbs when I use vlans on both bond interfaces, but when the vlan is on same bond interface I see more interfaces reach the limit of 1Gbps so the sum on bond interface is over the 1Gbps and I got 3Gbps and more of throughput.



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How many concurrent connections are you running during the test? Have you checked cpview output?

Possibly you are using hide NAT when traffic goes from internal to external and if you have only one IP to hide behind - that would put a limit of ~50000 concurrent connections. Maybe you have reached that limit. Hard to say without having more info - concurrent connections, connection rate, etc. If you could share your cpview in both cases (when it runs 3Gbps and 1Gbps) it would help

Do you use some traffic generator for tests? I.e IXIA - do you see any special session setup failures?