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Actif/Actif DataCenter

Hello everybody,

I need to set up 4 Checkpoint 6600 firewalls in a cluster for two different Datacenters, two nodes in DC1 and two nodes in DC2 and for information the first Datacenter DC1 already set up the two nodes in Full HA (SMS and Gateway ).
so, thank you for recommending the clustering mode to configure to stop this need?

Info on the two Datacenters:
1- Distance between the two Datacenters: 35 KM
2- A cluster in Full HA mode between two 6600 nodes already installed on DC1.
3- 10 Go link between the two Datacenters.
4- We need to use the same addressing plan on both Datacenters (a single Gateway on both Datacenters).
5- The level of firewalling (Backend)

Please give me your recommendation for setting up this type of architecture and the prerequisites necessary to manage all incoming and outgoing flows from the two datacenters?


Thank you for your support.

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Before you even attempt this design, you should resolve the need for Full HA by using an external management server.
It can be a Smart-1 appliance or you can use Smart-1 Cloud.
This will allow you to use ClusterXL Load Sharing, though there are some limitations. 

As for the rest of the design, there are a lot of questions we would need to know the answers to before we can suggest the correct design.
This would require, among other things, a detailed network diagram showing traffic flows involving the firewall as well as other components in the DC and proposed traffic flows between the DCs.

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