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Just found out about a subsidiary which has a 3200. I checked, and it has an Atom C2558 stepping 08 processor. If I understand correctly, that stepping is subject to AVR54, an issue with the Low Pin Count bus used to connect the processor to the chip with the boot firmware. The clock on the bus degrades until eventually chips subject to AVR54 lose their LPC bus, rendering them unable to boot. It affects a lot of the C2000 line, and Intel updated them to fix it in later steppings (starting with C0). I gather there's also a microcode update which mitigates the problem, but doesn't eliminate it.

Does Check Point have any public documentation on the problem and what can be done about it? I don't want to be surprised by a box not coming up after a power outage or something.

I'm still gathering information, but it looks like they don't have support on it anymore (they thought we were covering it, so they stopped paying, but we didn't know it existed). Is there any kind of repair extension program for it?

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Hi Bob

This issue was dealt with under a replacement program and affected customers in possession of a limited number of such units were notified accordingly several years ago.

With that said can you please send me the MAC/CK in private and I'll take a look?

Whilst Sync fees might apply best to get it under support to ensure you have RMA entitlements regardless moving forward. 

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