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from What value the CPU is a peak?

Hi CP Community,

From what value the CPU is it dangerous or should a tuning be done in the firewall or finally a replacement?.

This is because right now I'm seeing the Firewall CPU Instances, and Would Like Known the references values to consider that CPU is very hight (80% Onwards)? 

Too Is relevant aclarate when peaks i should see to consider that there are a issue (200 CPU Peaks or 1000 CPU Peaks), with DB Browser SQ lite i saw it and checked that one peak is generated every second,that is to say 1800 peaks=30 min of CPU peak in any Instance, How many peaks are a issue?.

please i appreciate your support.


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To analyze if a GW is overloaded, CP provides in sk88160: The Check Point Performance Sizing Utility (CPSizeMe)

This is an easy way to have CP check for a need of tuning or replacement. The cpsizeme is a lightweight shell script that produces a detailed performance report of Check Point Security Gateway. You run the script for default 24 hours (or longer) and send the resulting file to CP. You will receive an answer with a PDF report.

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This thread is in the SMB area, please note that the CPSizme tool is not supported on those appliances.

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Thank you - i really did overlook that ! I even have a special monitoring script similar to cpsizeme/spike scripts that would record cpu peaks over time on SMB 😎I.

But in this case, i would start by evaluating the (expected) production performance. Numbers are nice, but the best numbers will not help if data from internet is only dripping in... Which SMB model is used here ?

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