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basic settings for voip traffic

I am a VOIP service provider.  Lots of my clients use Check Point 730 firewall protection.  The problem is that the IT consultants that install and manage these devices sometimes make changes that cause voice QoS issues.  We've decided to  purchase a 730 and run it in a lab to familiarize ourselves with basic config and note which settings to turn on/off.  

Can someone help me by providing a list of 730 basic settings, specifically what features should be disabled to allow free flow of SIP messages and Media packets?  i.e. IPS, ALG, are usually disabled but what other settings will cause issues.

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This is a SMB and SMP‌ question.

A general recommendation would be to ensure the latest firmware is installed, as VoIP-related issues are sometimes fixed in firmware updates.

I also recommend having a look at the Advanced Troubleshooting Resource Guide for the SMB products, which has a few mentions of VoIP in it: ATRG: Gaia Embedded Appliances 


Yes, ATRG: Gaia Embedded Appliances is surely the best starting point ! For people without much experience with VoIP, i would suggest to read sk95369 ATRG: VoIP for CP implementation details. Apart from the Admin Guides, you find in sk113573 Configuring VoIP on Locally Managed 600 / 700 / 1100 / 1200R / 1400 appliances further information. VoIP Debug on SMB is covered in sk108815 Basic VoIP debugging when phones located behind firewall and PBX is external.

Further reading:
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