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Why you should consider using Quantum Spark gateways!

Today I want to tell you all about our pretty cute Quantum Spark security gateways. And why I am mad about those awesome gateways!

Use case 1 | SMBs


Lets meet Bob. Bob owns a lot of coffee shops in town but is looking to expand business to other cities. Key element for BoB are his PoS (point of sale) and payment terminals. Since COVID cash is not preferred anymore and people pay with their bank card. So therefor Bob needs to make sure there is not downtime at all. LTE with ISP redundancy is making sure the pin terminals are always connected. Bob wants a solution that is protecting him form sophisticated cyber threats. Bob, doesn’t want to worry about security. So he can focus on his core business. Opening more coffee shops and selling the best coffee. 

Use case 2 | Branch Offices


Now meet Alice. Alice works at the Red Roasted Coffee Bean shop and that’s the supplier of Bob. She has been assigned with rollout out of new branch locations. On those locations she needs to make sure orders are processed correctly and shipped to the Red Roasted Coffee Bean customers. She has been working for a long time now with Check Point and she knows here way around in our solutions. She is using LSM (Large Scale Management) and SmartProvisioning. The Branch Offices should comply to the security standards. 

Use case 3 | OT/ICS/SCADA/Industrial environments


Chris is a OT admin, he has been working at the factory for years . Key for Chris visibility and insight on anomalies with zero impact enforcement. Completely different to Bob's needs. For example Bob wants to get an alert of a incident and an automatic action, think of blocking a malicious host, real time threat prevention. Chris his needs are totally opposite. He wants to get an alert but with no prevention at all, the solution must be completely passive. The alert must not impact the critical process what so ever. Besides that Chris is using the Quantum Spark gateways for segmentation. Providing a clear border between IT and IT with the relevant security controls.

Use case 4 | ISPs/MSSPs


Dean is administrator for an ISP. For Dean it is important to deliver end to end security for the ISP's customers. Other needs are security orchestration and automated response, life cycle management and managed detection and response. Dean wants a proven solution, that is easy to rollout, offers the highest security posture for the customers with high protection that is easy to use. With the Quantum Spark we offer the best security possible, so Dean can focus on his KPI’s and becoming the biggest ISP in EMEA!


With Quantum Spark we offer as I would like to call it "out-of-the-box security"! Default we block undesired applications and other security risks. Did you know those cute gateways use the same Threat Intelligence as our enterprise solutions? Offering you a very good security posture. Of course there is so much more, i.e. Zero Touch, our hands off configuration. Saving you time and money!

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