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Why SMB customers should consider Infinity SOC


Zero Friction

No deployment, integration and privacy issues

  • Reduce TCO with a single, centrally managed SOC platform. Infinity SOC unifies threat prevention, detection, investigation and remediation in a single, centrally managed platform to give you unrivalled security and operational efficiency.
  • A non-intrusive implementation that takes minutes, without the need to deploy additional endpoint agents. Infinity SOC utilizes an innovative network-based detection that does not require the deployment of additional endpoint agents or time to generate ground-truths for your models. Onboarding takes only minutes and you can start detecting threats immediately.
  • Avoid costly log storage and privacy concerns with a revolutionary cloud-based event analysis that does not export and store your logs. With Infinity SOC, there is no need to send or store logs.


Increase effectiveness by using automation and simplification of SOC processes Real-time investigation and AI based incident analysis is provided to security teams and analysts within a cloud-based platform. In addition, various widget-driven investigation dashboards are available for searching on any IOCs to obtain rich, contextualized threat intelligence that includes geographical spread, targeted industries, attack timeline, and methods e.g. example-campaign files, communication files, typical file names used, and network activity commonly associated with the IOCs)

Below a forensic report with actionable insights


Today’s SOC teams face a lot of challenges. However, Check Point Infinity SOC can help address these challenges. Check Point Infinity SOC is a cloud-based platform that enables security teams to expose, investigate, and shut down attacks faster, and with 99.9% precision. Infinity SOC unifies threat prevention, detection, investigation and remediation in a single platform to give unrivalled security and operational efficiency. 

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