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  I've been tooling around, trying to learn how to configure Remote Access on a SMB 1500 cluster for a few weeks now.  Mostly, I've been confused as all heck because of what seemed to me to be conflicting documentation.  I have the downloaded the SMB 1500 administration guides (PDF form) and referenced the online web versions.  But the on-line version seemed much more comprehensive, but contained information that really did not work.

  I've finally traced down the issue here:  The web versions of the 1500 admin guides contain cross references between the Local Administered version and the Centrally Administered version, at least in the search function.

  Try this:

  1.   Go to the 1500 Centrally Managed on-line web Administration Guide at:
  2. Type "Remote Access Blade" into the search box in the left hand table of contents.
  3. The very first topic that will come up is "Configuring the Remote Access Blade".  Go ahead and click on it.
  4. Note from the URL that you are still in the Centrally Managed documentation: ...documents/SMB_R80.20/AdminGuides/Centrally_Managed/EN/Content/Topics/Configuring-Remote-Access-Blade.htm?Highlight=Remote Access Blade...
  5. The instructions are actually from the Locally Managed document.   Referencing the Locally Managed PDF I find the exact same instructions, which are not in the the Centrally managed PDF.

  My SMB 1500 cluster is centrally managed, so I never previously referenced the Locally Managed PDF file, I just assumed that the on-line Centrally Managed docs had more info than the Centrally Managed PDF version. 

Lol, huh?


Updated:  8/13/2020  My SMB 1530 is Centrally managed, not Locally managed.

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We should definitely fix this. @Amir_Ayalon 


Thank you for your feedback. Relevant teams are informed and looking into this


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