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Upgrading firmware of 1430 appliance

Hey mates, me again.

im trynig to make a firmware upgrade for one 1430 appliance, this is what happens. my customer make a mistake and did a factory default, so all the firmware upgrades were lost, now it has the r77.20.31, and the most recent version is r77.20.86, a big jump. when ai tried to make a manual upgrade to the last version the cp1430 didnt responds, the que questions is this, do i have to make a gradual upgrade? in that case how do i know which versions should i install, in the system operation dashboard i dont see the option for the appliance to upgrade itself.

attached the system operation screencp.JPG

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How did you try and perform the upgrade just via the web UI?

If you upgrade via USB as an example that version will become the new default if you factory reset in future.

Note R77.20.87 should be the latest available for this model.

Upgrade paths for SMB appliances are documented in sk120512 as follows: R77.20.31 > R77.20.81 > R77.20.87 

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@msantos Should also note that you have R77.20.87 and then you have R77.20.87 JHF.

From what I understand  R77.20.87 is the latest feature-release for CheckPoint 700 / 900 / 1400 series, but CheckPoint is still patching major bugs and security vulnerabilities so they have started to release new revisions of the R77.20.87 firmware and named them as R77.20.87 JHF.

The base build of R77.20.87 had build number 990172921. Then there's been several JHF fixes added on top of R77.20.87 making the latest R77.20.87 JHF having build number 990173020. The first one is dating back to Q1 2019, the latest is from Q2 2020 so there's a rather large gap between the first and the latest release of R77.20.87.

I've had many customers getting confused about this. Many customers are updating their GAiA Embedded Appliances in intervals and many of them are thinking  they are applying the most current release but in reality they are applying a out-of-date revision of the R77.20.87 firmware.

So please make sure that you are using the current version of R77.20.87 and not a previous one. The easiest way to verify this is by checking the actual build number of the firmware you are using.


And just for the record, you can download the latest JHF build for R77.20.87 from here:

 The real issue here is to keep the configuration - but as the customer did a reset to factory firmware, all config is lost already. I would use the USB procedure to upgrade active and backup 1430 images to R77.20.87 JHF having build number 990173020.