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Two Layer 3 Interfaces on 1500

Hi G_W_Albrecht,

I've been reading through the 1500's documentation to see if it fits our requirements but couldn't find a solid answer.

We need to create two layer 3 interfaces (inside and a single DMZ), -no direct internet link/access- couple of static routes, 3-4 rules with one of them using IA and managed centrally.

Will a 1550 be able to address the above, mainly the two layer3 interfaces?




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I forked this from the announcement thread.
Even if this gateway doesn't have Internet access, you'd should be able to accomplish this.
I assume the "WAN" link could effectively be used as the DMZ in this case, particularly if there is no Internet access.
And yes, it can be centrally managed, or will be once R80.40 ships and/or management of 1500 series appliances is integrated into the R80.30 JHF.
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There is one issue that you will run into, unless this has been resolved in the R80.20 software, that is that you cannot set a default route to any other interface than the internet interface.
The way around this is by adding 2 routes:
route to the nexthop and
route to the nexthop.
You can use the DMZ interface for the DMZ and any LAN interface for the other.
Regards, Maarten
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Legend Legend

15x0 can currently be centrally managed by R80.30 JT 111 !

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