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SMB 1450 Centrally managed change to locally managed by itself

The SMB 1450 is runnnig R77.20.80 with centrally managed but suddenly it become locally managed out of sudden. The SMB 1450 is able to convert back to centrally managed and push policy from SMS. However I want to find out why this issue happen. I have no clue on how to check it. Checked the SMB 1450 /var/log/ and there is no related log regarding this incident. The other SMB devices managed the same SMS doesn't have this issue. The issue only happen to this SMB 1450.

Hope someone can give advice and suggestion on this. 

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Employee Employee

Strongly recommend upgrading to a supported release such as R77.20.87 (Build 990173120 or higher) please note sk153433.

If the issue reoccurs there after please consult with TAC support.

Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R77.20.87 (sk153433) 

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