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Run a speedtest in SSH/CLI on 730 Firewall


I would like the possibility to run a speed-test from a firewall with an ssh-connection (specifically 730 in this case). I know there is a python-based script that can do this:
But it requires python.
Anyone got a script to do this? Or perhaps any other solution?

One way would to use wget and scp to test the connection. But its a bit messy in my opinion.

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Why must it be executed on the 730 itself and not on a host behind?
As you cannot install third party binaries on an SMB appliance and the ones that are there are limited, you may not have a ton of options to do this.
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We wanted to examine if there was a possibility to do this without access to a host inside the network. And as i suspected third party binaries couldn't be installed, thanks for confirming this.

Guess we have to look into having access to a host instead.
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