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Quantum Spark Masters Sept 2022: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Our first ever Quantum Spark Masters session

Slides are attached.
Q&A is below.

\Will R81.10.05 be available for centrally managed deployments?

GA for centrally managed R81.10 will be released in R81.10.05, later this year.

Can I use SD-WAN features in SmartConsole and/or the device WebUI?

Initially, these features will only be available thru Infinity Portal.

How many of the applications require you to decrypt SSL to correctly identify the application?

Very few. We enhanced our application identification to detect them on the first packet. This is done via DNS, SNI, Known IPs, Heuristics, and caching applications done by SSL Inspection for future identification.

How will Quantum SD-WAN be licensed?

While the exact details will be finalized, it is expected to be an add-on license based on the gateway's base price.

SmartAccel will give you more performance. What will you get less to get this performance?

SmartAccel is specific to certain applications and is down to the admin to configure which apps to apply the feature to. The traffic flows for these applications will be fully accelerated by SecureX, improving performa

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