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Purchase 15xx series licensing blades

Hi all,

At home I'm using a 730 firewall with the following blades licensed: Application control, URL filtering, IPS, Anti-virus, Anti-bot and anti-spam. Soon they will expire and I'm looking for a replacement. I'm looking at the 1530 or 1550 as a worthy replacement.

It seems that if you buy a new 15xx model, you can only get your blades licensed if you purchanse premium support? There is no option to just license the blades? For home use this is quite costly. Can someone confirm this? I don't need replacement in case of hardware failure. Thanks!

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Blades beyond firewall/VPN have always required an active subscription.
Believe all the 700/1400 SKUs were bundled with support/blades for a year, whereas it is possible to buy a 1500 series appliances without blades/support--depends on the SKU.
Note the support is to access the TAC and software downloads, not just hardware replacement.

I don't believe there is a SKU for "blades only" (at least not one a partner can sell).
That said, an "All-in-One eval" could potentially be used for that purpose.

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I can confirm this - if you want your TP blades updated and be able to use new firmware versions, you need at least Next Generation Threat Prevention (NGTP) Package subscription & Direct Premium Pro support for 1550W Appliance, for 1 Year. Direct is so small a cost difference and the possibility to chat with TAC to get issues resolved so valuable that i would go for that option.

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