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Performing upgrades on SMB appliances

Following up a previous discussion on performing minor upgrades on Enterprise Appliances (, I thought to create a similar high-level process for SMB appliances:


Flowchart for performing minor upgrades - SMB.PNG


The purpose of the decision stage is meant to apply only when having to upgrade to other versions first before moving to the intended one. For example, in the event of upgrading a 700 appliance from R75.20.65 to R77.20.81, the following process would need to take place:

1) Upgrade to 77.20.11.

2) Then, upgrade from 77.20.11 to 77.20.31.

3) Finally, upgrade from 77.20.31 to 77.20.81.

That being said, every upgrade I ever performed on SMB appliances was direct so I'm happy to be corrected if the point above is incorrect.

Any feedback or suggestions for improvement are welcome as always 🙂

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Generally if you’re updating the firmware on your SMB appliances regularly, then direct upgrades will work.
If you’re making a major jump, then it may need to be done in multiple steps like you describe here.


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