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New R81.10.10 locally managed advanced settings

Cluster - Different number of interfaces bool false Indicates that the number of interfaces is not the same for cluster members
Cluster - Process RA on standby bool false Indicates if RA packets are processed on standby
Notifications policy - bool true  
Notifications policy - Include the administrator's contact information in login notifications bool true Determines if the administrator's phone and email are added to login alert notifications
Notifications policy - License expiration threshold int 30 Defines the minimum number of days below which the license notification is sent
OS advanced settings - Default route rank int 60 The rank of the default route gives it preference against other default routes from different protocols.
OS advanced settings - Duplicate MAC detection switch ports lanPortsList none Activate duplicate MAC detection on these switch ports.
Privacy settings - Analytics batch size int 10  
Privacy settings - Help us improve product experience by sending events data to Check Point for analytics bool false Privacy statement: Check Point does not upload data that contains private or sensitive information. For more information, refer to sk120332.
Self-serve Settings - Threat Prevention action options Inactive Threat Prevention action for the Self-serve Portal security policy
Streaming engine settings - TCP SYN modified retransmission action options Prevent TCP SYN modified retransmission activation mode
Streaming engine settings - TCP SYN modified retransmission tracking options Log  
VPN Remote Access - Enable Office Mode with multiple interfaces bool false Indicates if a mechanism (with a performance impact) to improve connectivity between Remote Access client and an appliance with multiple external interfaces is enabled
VPN Site to Site global settings - Set life sign timeout int 120 Maximum time (in seconds) before the tunnel switches to 'down'
VPN Site to Site global settings - Set life sign transmitter interval int 10 Interval (in seconds) between the tunnel test and when the DPD life sign requests packets
VPN Site to Site global settings - Set resolver session interval int 25 Interval (in seconds) between RDP life sign packets. This increases/decreases the resolver session timeout (timeout default is 45 seconds).
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