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LED indicators on 1550 Embedded GAIA appliance

For the older models we have sk123865 LED indicators on Embedded GAIA appliance - but not for the 1550 !










We have four LEDs, from right to left they are:

- On / Alert LED : Will blink in red for alerts

- Internet LED : Shows if the internet connection is working

- Cloud LED : Shows if the SMB is managed from the cloud, else it is off

- WLAN LED : Shows if SMB WLAN is enabled, else it is off

The first two LEDs were called Power and System on the old UTM-1 Edge, WLAN LED was present as WLAN LED and this model also had a very valuable additional LED - the VPN LED reflecting the current VPN status ! That times are long gone, we now have the Cloud LED that will light up when connected to Cloud management and be off if managed centrally or locally. Initially, i thought this will light up if all TP services are updated to the current version - might be a helpful feature, but this LED only cares for cloud...

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So It looks like they call it the "Management LED" per the Getting Started Guide, referring to SMP connectivity and provisioning.

1550 Appliance R80.20 Getting Started Guide

The 700 Series didn't have a LED regarding provisioning, instead they added the behavior to the Power LED from R77.20.80, which I remember it made confusion for some of our customers before First Time Wizard thinking it was an error on the appliance 😛  Its good to have an dedicated indicator this time.



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