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ISP failover is not working on checkpoint SMB firewall.

Hi Team,

We have a following issue and need your help in understanding it.


-ISP failover is not working on checkpoint firewall.


  • R80.20.60 SMB
  • SMB-1550


  • Trying to achieve ISP redundancy on SMB(Active/Standby) firewall .
  • Dynamic route is not used and no PBR configured.
  • The connection is ISP-->L3 switch-->Checkpoint.


  • Checked the standard configuration using below link for ISP redundancy.


  • We wanted to test the connection by making the below changes

-Manually shutting down the ISP link connecting to primary firewall.

-Using connection probing method as “Probe DNS server”

-Clear “Automatic detect loss of connectivity to the default gateway” checkbox.

However we where not able to make any change due to Error occurred . We checked all the other TAB but was not having any errors on it. Refer log-1

Can you please let us know what can be the issue here ? Is this a cosmetic bug ??


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The firmware R80.20.xx is out of support now - March 24. Why not use the last version, R81.10.10 ?


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