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Hostname resolving error - Synology & Check Point appliance

Greetings CheckMates,

I'm facing really weird issue.

My client has let's say 2 Check Point appliances from 700 series (Central one which is 790) and remote one (which is 750 model).

Central one has main subnet and remote one is (2, 20, 200 etc.)

On that main subnet there is synology device that has IP and domain is synology.something.tld

VPN sites are configured properly, it was easy task because both devices are CP gateways (NAT is disabled for those sites in preferences, default compatibility).

When I try to do like nslookup synology.something.tld it points to

However, when user from remote site tries to access that synology device, sometimes it pass while other times CP just block packets.

Screenshots are below. Any idea why's this happening and how to resolve this?


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Make sure that both appliances are on the most recent R77.20.87 firmware. 
Otherwise, you may need TAC to assist with debugging this. 



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