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DDNS, Dynamic DNS and Quantum Spark gateways

What is Dynamic DNS (DDNS)?

Dynamic DNS is keeping DNS records automatically up to date when an IP address has changed. 

Dynamic DNS is often used to publish a service on the internet. This service is hosted internally on the local network. Networks use most of the time NAT, Network Address Translation to overcome issues related to dynamic IP addresses and limitations. So if the SMB gateway is behind NAT and is not accessible from the internet. Dynamic DNS provides the ability for a connected device to notify DNS servers to automatically update, with the active DNS configuration, IP address, configured hostname and other information.

With Dynamic DNS we assign a name to the SMB gateway. This fixed name is accessible from the internet, since it is assigned to an external IP address.

Procedure, Local management |

Once you have completed the First Time Configuration Wizard you can configure DDNS.

  1. We offer 2 DDNS providers, DynDNS and Create an account first and add a username to your account.
  2. Login to the Web UI. Click on Device -> System -> DDNS & Device Access



  1. We are going to use in this example.

Configure the provider, username, password and hostname and click apply.



Note: Add your desired username in the DDNS account of your provider.

  1. Now you can test your DDNS address by pinging your DDNS address.



DDNS and the Security Management Portal, SMP 

Procedure | 


  1. Login to your SMP domain.
  2. Click on Service Domain -> Settings -> DNS



  1. Now select the relevant gateway



  1. The DNS string will look like this | [Gateway Name].[SMP Service Domain Suffix].[SMP Setup Suffix]I.e.
  1.     You can run a DNS lookup query
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