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CheckPoint 1100 Max Wan Speed

Hello , 

I have an issue with an 1100 appliance 

the issue is it is connected to a fiber internet connection, the connection speed I should get from the ISP are

Download - 1000 Mbps

Upload - 100 Mbps

and for some odd reason the maximum speed i can get is 400-450 Mbps with the checkpoint appliance .

I have upgraded to the latest Firmware , and tried to change the custom MTU value 

i have check the white papers of the device and it is clearly stated all port support 1 giga connection (i have also confirmed that the port is sync on giga and not 100/10 Mbps) 

I have tested the connection with a different device and i am getting maxed speed 

of 900+ Download 

and 100 Upload

any idea what to check next ? 

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Depending on the 1100 model you have it might differ a little bit but taken into account the number Check Point shows in the table below (from the 2012-appliance-comparison-dated 5-2013):

Production performance is 350Mb according to this list, so getting 450Mb is not bad at all.

Regards, Maarten
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The only way a 1100 series will pass 1GB of through is under ideal conditions.

This is basically:

  • Any Any Accept Security Policy
  • No Logging
  • No NAT
  • Optimally-sized traffic (as described in the RFCs).

In a real-world configuration with a security policy, logging, NAT, and real traffic, the performance is expected to be lower--the 350Mb/s the datasheet suggests.

The fact you're getting better performance means you're not experiencing a performance issue.

If you actually need higher throughput, you should consider replacing the 1100 Series appliance with something newer.

The 1400 Series appliances are a similar form factor, but have more CPU/RAM and can support higher throughput.

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Many Thanks for the quick and solid replies 

i guess i will settle for the speed i am getting for now Smiley Happy 

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