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Can I get devices that expect wps to connect to a 600 series appliance?

I have a 640 that I am using in a domestic situation and I have a couple of devices that expect to connect to WIFI using WPS.  My first attempt was to set up a guest wifi locked down by MAC address but I could not get the devices to connect.

Any thing else I should try?

Thanks, Russell

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I assume by WPS you mean WiFi-Protected Setup.

WPS is not supported by the 600/700/1100/1200R/1400 series because it's not secure.

The devices will need to be configured manually to connect to your WiFi network (or you need to configure it to be open).

I would allow the device to connect to the network first before you enable MAC filtering.

Then you can validate in Home > Monitoring > Active Computers to see what devices are actually connected.

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