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snx connects to VPN, but internal net is unreachable

I recently upgraded a R77.30 gateway to R80.10, all is working fine except SSL Network Extender!!

I am able to connect to the VPN and is assigned an officemode address, but I am unable to connect to anything on the internal net.

Policy is the same as on R77.30

I ran a fw monitor filtered on the officemode address, and the clients public address - i never see any traffic from the officemode address, but i do see lots of ssl packets from the clients public address.

Looking at the firewall log, i see the connect and assignment of the officemode IP, and can also see when i disconnect.

What could the issue be - I did open a case with TAC, but them seem completely blank!!!

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What's the TAC SR?

Please feel free to send it to me in a private message.

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Has this been resolved? We have a similar issue , could you share?

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