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White Paper - Secure Remote Access Best Practices in Disaster Recovery Scenarios

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In times of crisis organizations can excel in quick resource mobilization but not necessarily rational decision-making. Quick choices are made that seemingly address an immediate challenge but also lead to long-term unforeseen consequences.

This Check Point white paper provides guidance for network security administrators on the capabilities of, and methods of implementing secure access for remote employees. The document highlights the Check Point’s remote access solutions and their applicability to different use cases. Also covered are network design considerations and high-level implementation methods.


This is an introductory-level technical document. It is intended for network and security administrators who are looking for an initial and high-level explanation of remote access options and capabilities. When appropriate, the document provides links to user and administration guides, where detailed instructions are available. This is not a data sheet or marketing white paper.

For more information, please read the attached document.



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