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Unauthorized SSL VPN Traffic

Hi Team,


This is to inform you that currently we are facing SSL VPN issue . I explained the below in details 

Please do refer the attached traffic flow how we are connecting from client to server and server to client using SSL VPN. 

Client to Server connection - Created Native application with client to server connection direction , when we are trying to connect to the destination server, the connection was successfully established without any issue.  

Server to Client - Created Native application with server to client connection direction, Once we connected the destination server, again destination server is initiating brand new traffic  with another ip address of the same destination server and that traffic is getting dropped at SSL VPN firewall. 

In smartview log trackers - we are seeing the drop error " Unauthorized SSL VPN Traffic" . 

Destination Server : ,, 

Laptop Physical IP : 

Laptop assigned Office pool IP address : 


Please help us how to fix this issue 





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