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Secure Domain Logon

Hi all,


Can someone help me with some questions about SDL? I think that there is a lack of documentation regarding to SDL. Also TAC and local office can not answer the following questions.

1) How does a "SDL tunnel" establish? Is there a picture with all the technical steps?

2) How does SDL look from the users perspective? I read something about a additional login screen. Is this extra? So 2 times login (first SDL, then Windows?). Is there maybe a video of a client who authenticate via SDL?

3) Is there anything special we have to think about when configuring SDL in a Maestro environment?

Thank you in advance.



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Did you read the actual admin guide?

1. In the guide, verbally described. 
2. Also in the guide. There are scenarios where there is a second login pop-up, described in sk174244. In most cases, there is a single domain login prompt, and then the credentials are cached and re-used. 
3. No

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