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SSL Network Extender connection problem

I'm connecting to my company VPN using SSL Network Extender using a Macbook Pro with Monterey OS.
Since last week when I connect The SSL everything looks that goes fine, but the logon session window indicates that is connected but the duration time remains 00:00:00 and it didn't change it. 

I can't work in the internal network too.  
Could you give me an idea about what is the problem?


I installed the newest java version and it didn't fix the problem

I installed the Java 11 too and it happened the same.

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I thought when I saw your screenshot that its cosmetic issue, but clearly its not if you can't access anything internally. Did you ever make any global properties changes for ssl? If not, default connect time is 24 hours if I recall right and 8 hours for endpoint vpn clients. Is everyone having exact same problem when they log in or just some users?

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