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Reports - Remote Access Users and duration of connection

OS version: Gaia R81.20


Hello everyone,

I've been tasked with creating a daily report that shows all remote access users and the duration they've been connected to vpn in the last 24h and I can't seem to get any accurate data for this.

For now I've decided to include User, Source, Office Mode IP, Time, Duration and number of logs in my table and the data I've gotten is relative to the number of sessions a user had while connected to the vpn.

Here's the Table Filter used (no report or view filter used):


The output (redacted for security reasons):


The goal:

I want to see every users time of logging into the VPN, the duration they've been connected, the time they've logged out. The source and office ip seems to work fine, but the duration seems to be a combined value of all sessions the user had while connected to the vpn and is therefore not accurate.

Is it possible to create a report that would list Remote Access VPN users, the time they connected and their connection durations?

The guides I've followed:


If more info is required please let me know.

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