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Remote VPN traffic ONLY goes Site-to-Site VPN?

Hi All,

I have 2 sites (A and B) connected with Site-to-Site VPN; each site has been enabled with Remote VPN,

When a user in site A visits site B,  can the User still use Remote VPN to access service in Site A? I don't want roaming users use Site-to-Site tunnel, in my environment, Site-to-Site tunnel is only for some special IT service.



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Yes, i dont see a problem here.. The encryption domain for remote access for each site, would need only the following

site A - encryption domain - only internal networks in site A requiring remote access

site B - encryption domain - only internal networks in site B requiring remote access

That way remote access wont know about the site 2 site VPN at all.. And will connect to site A or B only

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thank you.

but if the scenario is like below:

Site A has 2 VLANs,  Office Network + Server Network

Site B has 3 VLANs,  Server Network  + Production Network + Office Network

Site-to-Site VPN only for Server Networks. When Site A user visits Site B, and works at office network, he needs to access Site A Server Network, then Remote VPN is the only choice.  (we don't want site B office network can access Site A Server Network using Site 2 Site tunnel)


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