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Remote Access VPN with MFA - cannot change password

Hi guys,

some months ago our supplier configured the Remote Access VPN to authenticate through a Radius server (Microsoft NPS) -> Azure in order to use the Microsoft Authenticator app on the phone as MFA.
Everything works as expected but when it comes to change the password users don't get any message and field to change it, the error is always "wrong username or password".

Compared to the old Username_Password method, directly managed by the firewall that can write to the DC, now if a password is expired or an admin force the change at the next login, users can't do nothing.

For what I see the supplier configured the radius protocol on the SMS as PAP instead of MS-CHAPv2, which should be the reason why the password change is not allowed, is it right?

I told them about this and after some tests they answered that the Check Point Endpoint Connect client doesn't support the password change when using Radius, but I'm still not convinced.

Can you please confirm if the password change is supported in this configuration?
If yes it would be nice to have a guide or something.


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To the best of my knowledge, this is not supported and would require an RFE with your local Check Point office.
You may want to confirm with the TAC, though: 

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Hi Akiya,

Since time ago, I have the same problem with externals users. The vpn AD User password expire and they need call us for set a new password. Did you get a solution?


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Hi @daniextremo ,

no, unfortunately as absurd as it may be the Radius MFA doesn't support the password change, so we decided to move forward to Azure SAML authentication (which leads to other minor issues, but at least it make possible to change the password for users).


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