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Remote Access VPN License

Hi CheckMates,


I do have an inquiry from my client regarding remote access vpn license. they have 2 Check Point Firewalls but only one have MAB license SSL-VPN-U due to budget limitation. Their use case is that when downtime occurs they want to transfer the MAB license to the other Firewall.

Is this operation of constantly moving licenses from container to container advisable/recommended?

If not is there any SK related to the dettach/move/attach of licenses? if possible stating its not recommended

What would be the effect and necessary changes need to make if they want to push it?


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Assuming the license is centrally managed, you can, in theory, re-attach the license to a different gateway from the management.
However, that can be disruptive and may not be possible of the gateway in question is offline.
What you’re probably better off doing in this case (assuming the downtime isn’t extended) would be to just apply eval licenses on the other gateway as needed.

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Maybe work with account services (license team) to confirm. CP licensing is very confusing, to be 100% honest about it...I heard that from many CP employees as well : )

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