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RA VPN - Issues with Browsing

Hi. A few of our RA VPN users have complained that, when connected to the VPN, (after around 1 hour) they're unable to connect to some of our apps e.g. Slack despite being able to up to that point. They get a 'could not connect' message. The trouble is, they're still able to connect to other websites.

Initially I thought it could be DNS settings but I'm struggling to see why it's only happening to specific applications. This has only started happening recently and no changes have been made to the setup. The user is running Endpoint Client 98.61.1909.

I can see from the logs that there are numerous IP Changed entries every 8 minutes - but can't see much else. 

The gateways are running R80.30 Take 217 and the users are running Windows 10. There are rules allowing traffic to pass through.

Not really sure what's causing it so any advice would be much appreciated.


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The "one hour" comment is interesting, as that is the default expiration timer for Desktop Security Policy in Global Properties...Remote Access...VPN-1 SecureClient - Desktop Security Policy expiration time.  Not completely sure if this timer applies to the newer Endpoint Security as opposed to the much older SecureClient, but it might be interesting to increase this timer, install policy, update the VPN site on the clients that are experiencing the issue and see what happens.   Wondering if there is some kind of difficulty downloading the updated Desktop Policies for certain clients, and if so, you won't see any drops up at the firewall since the traffic may be getting dropped right on the client.

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