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Mobile Access setup, failing to integrate AD

Hey everyone,

In a Lab environment I am trying to setup Mobile Access with AD Integration so I can test some configurations for a customer.

I setup a Gateway and Management Server using R81.20 and Jumbo Hotfix Take 26. Also I have an AD Controller on a different subnet. ( See my professional drawing of the topology in the attachments)


FW: &



Now to the actual problem:

I open the Firewall Object in Smart Console -> check "Mobile Access" -> select allowed clients to connect -> Active Directory Integration.

Now in the Active directory Integration I specify all the required parameters

- Domain Name

- Username

- Password

- Domain Controller

and then hit Connect. After some time I get an error message saying " Smart Dashboard could not connect - Could not communicate with server".

Now I have obviously checked the following:

- Configured Firewall Rule to allow any traffic to and from DC

- Necessary routes are in place

- No NAT rules

- I can ping between MGMT and DC without any issues

- No relevant Logs in Smart Dashboard

- Performed a tcpdump on the Management Server and the Firewall on all interfaces, there is not traffic to my DC( at all?!?! 


Now what is interesting, I configured an LDAP Account Unit Object for the same DC and it works without any issues...


Now I am pretty much at a loss on why it is not working.. Do you have any ideas on what my issue might be?




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Thanks, will check it out!

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So I checked the SKs you mentioned.

  • test_ad_connectivity test -> Success



        :status (SUCCESS_LDAP_WMI)
        :err_msg ("ADLOG_SUCCESS;LDAP_SUCCESS")
        :ldap_status (LDAP_SUCCESS)
        :wmi_status (ADLOG_SUCCESS)
        :timestamp ("Wed Oct 18 14:09:57 2023")



  • adlog a dc -> can't test this since I am not able to configure the DC for AD Query
  • ldapsearch -> Success


I just don't understand why these tests work, why I can configure the Account Unit, but it does not work when configuring a Blade like Mobile Access or Identity Awareness...

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Better contact TAC to get this resolved!

CCSE / CCTE / CCME / CCSM Elite / SMB Specialist
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I was able to get it to work. The VM of my Management Server and AD also had an Interface on a different Subnet which acted as a Management Interface. This was also the Primary IP of my Management Server and once I integrated AD via the IP on that Interface, it worked on the first try...

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