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Mobile Access Deployment Agent Technology without Java Plugin

As you probably know, browsers have been dropping support for Java over the last year or two.
This has had an impact on users who use Mobile Access Blade and require "clientless" VPN support (e.g. SSL Network Extender) or use features like Secure Workspace and Compliance Scan.
Check Point has developed a new technology that can deploy these features without a Java plugin in the browser.
This is supported on R77.30 and above with a hotfix.
R80.40 and above has this integrated.

Refer to the following sk: Mobile Access Portal and Java Compatibility - New Mobile Access Deployment Agent technology  
Note: Java is still required on the client, see the SK for specific details.

Edit 30 Nov 2020: Clarified this doesn't require the Java plugin, but still requires Java.

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Hi PhoneBoy,

I have tested on R80.10 with MABDA hotfix, it still need the JAVA to be installed for SNX. This also happen to R80.40.

Few weeks back, I have tried on the R81 as well and seem the same thing happen as the JAVA needed to be installed for SNX. I always tested with new Microsoft Edge browser.

Do you have the step/guide that eliminate the needs for JAVA?

Hope you can help on this as my users not allow to install anything software and all of them are WFH due to Covid19.

Thank you.



To be clear, the Java Runtime Environment (JDK on Macs) is still needed for the Deployment Agent, which deploys the appropriate native components to the local PC.
There are no immediate plans to remove the dependency on Java.
I highly recommend engaging with your local Check Point office around this requirement.

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