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Maestro VSX and SSLVPN

Hi Mates,

So basically I just want to point something (and  maybe someone can explain what happened).

I have a VSX setup for a SSL portal and a bunch of users using SNX. Sometimes (it took me and tac 2 weeks to find why) SNX failed with 201 authentication error.

Long story short, after some very good engineers (all my respect for them) joined a live session they've figured out that in VSX the default table space for  http_vpnd_cookies is 400! which was way to low for the number of users.

The max_concurrent_vpn_tunnels value in guiDBEdit is 200  which on a normal gateway is 12500.  (they are somehow x2).

My question is  how come a humble gateway comes with 25000 and a VS with 400. How come, by default , a VS is capped at 15000 session when a SGM can support millions.  Is there any ration for that ?


Basically I had 2 weeks of daily full outages, an angry client and a penalty fee for not being able to do this implementation on-time.

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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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