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Endpoint Security E80.90 reconnected immediately after the windows OS connection


Hello everyone, I have a very strange problem.

Endpoint Security E80.90, reconnected immediately after the windows OS connection and shows the site no response

The following is the first connection, successful, but will automatically reconnect immediately


The following is the case after reconnecting, you will notice that the IP has changed (I don't know why)


Interestingly, no matter how many times you connect, everything works fine on MAC OS(MAC OS is using E80.89),

as shown below


I checked according to sk92716, I have to change the ip address to the IP 240 of the connection point, but the user 242 is using other functions, so it cannot be changed, as shown below

Therefore, I suspect IP floating (from 240 to 242), which makes it impossible to connect to endpoint security, but why is it normal to use IP in the MAC, it will not float, but will the IP in Windows float? Is this the error of E80.90?

Has anyone encountered the same situation?


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Can you reproduce this using a later version of the Endpoint Security VPN client?
Might want to engage with the TAC as that doesn't sound like normal behavior.

Hi Gary,

In both pics you have added I see the IP: x.x.x.242, so i'm not sure I follow where do you see that the GW IP has changed.

The field of "Gateway IP Address" can change if you have configured MEP in your environment(First-to-respond, Primary\Backup).

In this flow, the IP in that is shown is of the GW that the client is actually connected to.

For instance if you were connected to GW-A and then from some reason it is not responsive to the client any more the client will try to re-connect to the next GW (GW-B, etc..) in the MEP environment.

Hope, you will find this information helpful.

Netanel Cohen

Software Developer, PC-VPN clients, Check Point 


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