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Best choice of VPN client for Windows 10 : Capsule VPN or Check Point Mobile for Windows?

Referring to, I see two choices for connecting a Windows 10 machine to a Check Point gateway:
  1. Capsule VPN
  2. Check Point Mobile for Windows
I was wondering if you had any recommendation on which one we should use?
One question from the guys managing the desktops is : which one will follow Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates more transparently? Or is there one that will work for sure with new updates from Microsoft Windows 10 OS? They have concerns about future interoperability.
Many thanks in advance!!!
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Which one is better is purely a matter of which one fits your needs better.

The Check Point Mobile app offers more features you may wish to leverage.

Check Point Mobile is being updated monthly along with the rest of the Endpoint Security Products specifically to keep up with Windows updates.

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