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Assistance with a Site to Site VPN (CheckPoint CP4200 R77.10 to a SonicWALL)

Hi Guys

I am new to checkpoint firewalls and i am having issues setting up a site to site vpn between a checkpoint firewall and a SonicWall. I have followed many guides on setting up a site to site vpn to a interoperable device. I have matched the proposals on both ends, the pre shared key and tried many other proposals however i get the following in the chekpoint log:

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Did you check the preshared key?

I normaly copy it into notepad to remove any spaces in the end.

Did you also make sure the ipsec protocol being  negotiated between the Public ip instaed of sending traffic inside the vpn tunnel?

Best Regards
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Apologies this can be closed now, I was been stupid, as I have never used checkpoint before I didn't even realise that you had to select install policy to apply the changes!!


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