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AWS VPN vs Checkpoint VPN

I have a AWS VPN connection which is soon to be terminated and we are planning to migrate that VPN Connection to CP GWs.

Are there any major differences between AWS and CP VPN types like with AWS i get 4 tunnels (2 per GW as a redundancy measure). I am not sure whether this is achievable with CP.

Or any advantages/disadvantages that go with CP VPN ?


Secondly...does checkpoint support S2S VPN on an Active-Active geo cluster ?

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When you say 2 tunnels per gateway in AWS for redundancy, not sure thats really something CVP can do, as even with ISP redundancy, each tunnel would still need to be set up manually). 

Advantages/disadvantages...well, this is more general, ikev2 is faster and more secure, use latest enc methods, make sure smaller subnets are used in VPN (if possible).

Last question, no idea, sorry. My logical guess is yes, but not certain.

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