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3rd party remote support

I'm looking to see what solutions others have come up with for this scenario. 

Some applications our end users have require remote administration support. The remote administration is always big security discussion, and we end up with a couple options

- use teamviewer or other remote admin tool for the support session

- use a VPN account on mobile access, and use a clientless RDP from the mobile access portal to the target PC.


usually this kind of support is only required for a limited time, a few hours. Both options have different issues.

With Teamviewer, we have less control over the access, but it's easier for the support and end user. We can't remotely terminate the session easily after the required time has elapsed.

With the VPN/mobile access route, we have more control, but there's more overhead in account creation. I also have trouble with identifying a way to limit their session to a specific duration without affecting global policy.


What methods are you using for 3rd party remote support, and how do you control it?

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We did this for few customers and we usually end up telling contractors to install barebone vpn client and then we give them access based on security rule itself. As far as RA community settings, we just add them there for even being able to connect as local vpn users you create in dashboard. This way, when you need to revoke access, its easy to do.

Hope that helps.


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We recently migrated an installation with a lot of VPN connections based on access roles to Harmony Connect. Works well and resolves usual annoying issues like network overlaps, untrusted computers and the like.


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