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R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator - New Ongoing take #126

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Hi All,


A new Ongoing Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator take for R80.40 (take 126) was released today,  and is available for download. Please refer to sk165456


Please note the following:

  •        The new release is mentioned in  sk165456
  •        The new releases will be published via CPUSE as a recommended version once it will be published as GA.
  •        Availability:

o   Available to download the via sk165456

o   Available for download via CPUSE by using package identifier.

o   Can be provided by customer support


Content included in this take:

  • List of resolved issue in this take can be found in sk165456


Thanks ,

Release Management Group

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Can anybody provide details for:

Application Control UPDATE: Improved matching of URLs for custom applications.


There were some discussions here on CheckMates regarding how to specify matching strings for URLs in custom application objects (including RegEx syntax) to allow only what is wanted and also do not cause performance problems due to challenges for the parser. There are also various SKs available for that.

So I am interested in what was changed here. Do we have to change our object definitions? I guess not, otherwise this would have been flagged as breaking change. But: Are some kind of patterns now usable without big performance impact which were problematic before? If yes, what kind?

Thank you for providing details 🙂