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New SandBlast Now Pricing Scheme

Hi all,

This was posted in response to another thread, but repeating it here to make it more prominent:

Our long standing intention has been to require a NOW cloud service SKU in addition to NGTX1 service and support.

SandBlast Now is a completely automated plug and play solution, so no management deployment is required by the customer. However, Check Point does host the customer's logs and provides threat intelligence management, hosted SmartEvent, and advanced threat hunting analytics.

Therefore, for all new deals, we are now also requiring the Smart-1 Cloud Plus SKUs. For example: CPSM-CLOUD-GW-SME-COMP-1Y for one gateway for one year.

Note: This notice does not apply to customers who purchase a private SandBlast Now Cloud (i.e. not hosted by Check Point). Such customers do not utilize the Check Point Now cloud service, and therefore are not required to purchase Smart-1 Cloud.

Note too that the existing NOW SKUs are bundles of NGTX and the B-series 4 port copper fail-open NICs. These SKUs will be end-of-sale by the end of 2020. Therefore, for the SandBlast Now sentries, it is recommended to use any appliance with NGTX service, and if inline operation is required as an option - appropriate fail-open NICs as included accessories. LOM is also a recommended accessory.

Note on log retention

The Smart-1 Cloud SKUs pay for the Now cloud service. The storage specifier on the Smart-1 Cloud SKU is not applicable in the Now context. Our stated retention period is “up to six months”.

We encourage customers who need longer-term retention to send a copy of the logs to the customer's SIEM system.

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Hello @Nir_Naaman , 

If the customer currently has local on-prem management with SmartEvent, is it possible to use this and not the Smart-1 cloud service??

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The default for Now sensors is cloud management, but you can also use on-premise management.
However, the on-premise management is completely separate from your existing on-premise management + SmartEvent.

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DEPRECATION NOTICE: This pricing scheme is outdated and has been replaced.

Please refer to New Check Point NDR Pricing Scheme for further details.


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