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SandBlast Mobile on Infinity Portal: Mobile Security Research & Product Update

While my company is evaluating Sand Blast Mobile on infinity portal, anyone know what is  Mobile Security Research feature for ?


If I turn ON "New Features" , does it mean auto-update?


For "Mobile Security Research", does it mean I will automatically receive threat Intelligence feeds from Check Point or all data will go to Check Point Threat Cloud? 


It concerns me because not all data are allowed to send it to cloud due to regulations.


Thanks for help.

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Where precisely in Infinity Portal are you seeing these options?
I'm guessing "New Features" just means making available features to you that may be in EA.
I don't believe "Mobile Security Research" will collect any additional data, at least not without warning you when you enable the feature.
The data we collect in SandBlast Mobile in general is not user specific, with the possible exception of URLs accessed for the purposes of checking if they are malicious or not (and only if that feature is enabled).

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