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Request for CEF(ArcSight) Fields Description for Harmony Mobile

Hello Team, 


Previously I posted in the community for the help on log reference guide for Harmony Mobile. 

I was provided solution to refer sk144192. 

I went through all the fields but I could not find any field matching of my CEF Harmony Mobile(Sandblast Mobile) Log. 

Request all to provide log reference guide or fields description which can explain me CEF (ArcSight) syslog fields of Harmony Mobile. 

Thank you. 


Our CEF format for reference:

CEF:0|Check Point|SMB|XXX|XXX|Application|X|act=XXX alert_details=XXXX app_name=XXX app_package=XXX bssid=None cat=Alert cnt=XX cs1=XX cs1Label=DeviceType cs2=XX cs2Label=Phone cs3=XX cs3Label=OSLevel cs4=XX cs4Label=DeviceDetails cs5=None cs5Label=NetworkCertificate cs6=XX cs6Label=Current Device Risk deviceDirection=XX deviceExternalId=XX deviceInboundInterface=XX device_client_version=XX duid=XXX duser=XX dvchost=XX externalId=dXX fileHash=XX fileId=XXX filePermission=XX fileType=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX msg=XXXXXXXXXXX resource=None rt=XX sender=None sms_urls=XX ssid=XX start=XX suid=XX suser=XX


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Employee Employee

Suggest discussing the requirement further with your local SE / TAC who can enquire further on your behalf.

Meanwhile if I find an alternate reference I will update you here.

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