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R80.40 JHF156 ESOD_CSHELL autoupdate

Hi, I wanted to talk about a trouble we are experiencing on our mobile acces enabled gateways(2 clusters and 2 standalone) since last JHF156 deployment.

Management server is still under JHF139.

Since last upgrade to R80.40 we discovered the existence of autoupdate trough a severe issue, where all our non-admin remote users were prompted to update their SNX, so with the help of SK168353, we fixed the trouble by reverting the last autoupdate and disabling the future ESOD_CSHELL autopdate.

Everything went fine until the last JHF156 upgrade. Since then, even if we disable the autoupdate, it keep on occuring about one day after the last policy push, like if the policy push was re enabling autoupdate, and even if we disable autoupdate after each policy push now, issue keep on occuring.

We raised a SR to the TAC and their recomandation is to perform a fresh install.

Does anyone here could help to find out what is going on?

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Make sure TAC has a CFG task open on this, as this definitely sounds like something R&D needs to investigate.


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