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Microsoft DirectAccess - Ports

Wondering if anyone has details on how they get MS DirectAccess to work through a Checkpoint Firewall.

My set up is as follows:

1) Server in DMZ that is the DA Server.

2) NAT setup to public IP.

I am having issues getting it to pass the checks for installation - specifically Active Directory Authentication.  From what I can tell, everything appears to be in place.

Let me know what ports you opened, etc.

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A quick Google search shows the following:

When using additional firewalls in your deployment, apply the following Internet-facing firewall exceptions for Remote Access traffic when the DirectAccess server is on the IPv4 Internet:

  • Teredo traffic—User Datagram Protocol (UDP) destination port 3544 inbound, and UDP source port 3544 outbound.

  • 6to4 traffic—IP Protocol 41 inbound and outbound.

  • IP-HTTPS—Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) destination port 443, and TCP source port 443 outbound. When the DirectAccess server has a single network adapter, and the network location server is on the DirectAccess server, then TCP port 62000 is also required.

Source: Step 1: Configure the DirectAccess Infrastructure3 

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