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Harmony Mobile - SSID not received

Hello community,
I am throwing back questions about Harmony Mobile and that we can expand the knowledge for everyone and for the future.

Since a few days ago I see that the connections to SSID, are not being identified, I checked my application permissions and without any change are not identified, has it happened? do you know where to look?

This is the event log.

Date - Information - WIFI network - WiFi network is not secured - Ended - SSID: not received

Best regards,


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I would contact TAC to see if they can assist. Keep in mind, harmony mobile is still somewhat new, I mean, its been 2-3 years, but still...


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Indeed a bug please open a TAC case. Usually the SSID of the WiFi you are connected to is readable so it might be a temp issue that needs investigation.

Regarding your comment about HM being new ... well it is here for over 7 years now 🙂 we are deployed WW with large organizations, global accounts of tens and even hundred of thousands of devices per install base. We also sell it with Telco's and large MSSP in the SMB market. Our solution is leading in Gartner, IDC, Omdia, miercom and more + we are the only solution offering full zero-phishing and file protection on mobile. We also have zero-touch deployment with all leading MDMs + our partnership with Samsung that selected us as no.1 MTD solution allows us extra preventions using Samsung KNOX on device.

Let me know if you need more info


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May be something that has occurred on the back end (outside your control). 
Recommend a TAC case: 

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