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File protection - Q&A

Hi Everyone!

Just creating a quick post about some questions that are been asked on our "File protection" capability, I hope it will help!


First, thank you for reaching out and I hope the answers below will be beneficial for you😊


  1. what happens if we check the "Scan for malicious files" box?  (Check point) – When you are checking the following box you have 2 options:
    1. Based on signature – Based on signature meaning that any file will be scanned by Harmony mobile and will be provide a verdict on it.
    2. Unknown files will be analyze by ThreatEmalution – meaning that it will analyze the file live, even if the signature is unknown to harmony mobile.
      You have the option to deliver the file until the verdict is given in a secure way, or to prevent the accses to file until a verdict is given.




  1. Is the scan continuous? (Check point) – Yes once enabled, the scan will always be enabled on every file regardless of where it comes from.
  2. Is it on demand? (Check point) – As mentioned above, we will scan the file always once enabled in the policy not on demand.
  3. Is it taxing on resources and battery? (Check point) – No there is no additional “taxes” on the battery as its part of the ONP protection which Harmony mobile provides.
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Thats very useful @OmerRafaeli 



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